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 At Control API we do not take your robotic projects lightly. We carry out a feasibility and performance study to ensure that we offer you a hand-made solution that meets your expectations.

Our Services

We have the expertise to implement highly secure and efficient robotic cells. Our engineering department will provide cutting edge innovative solutions for your robotization projects.
We also have expertise in industrial vision. Whether for inspection and quality control or for robot assistance, the industrial vision is a must in industries

Collaborative robots

Also called “cobots”, collaborative robots act as assistants for the operator (the human) by working in a shared and very safe space with the latter. Cobots can both interact with humans and perform multiple tasks: screwing, assembling, gluing, grasping, sanding, etc.

Zero gravity arm (Scaglia Indeva)

Il s'agit d'un robot industriel avec un bras articulé zéro gravité

Our services offers

Design and manufacture of robotic cells

Design and manufacture of robotic cells

Industrial vision

Industrial vision

Zero gravity manipulator arm

Zero gravity manipulator arm

Collaborative robot

Collaborative robot

Here are the main advantages of collaborative robots.

Very low risk of accidents:

Equipped with a motion detector, they will stop instantly at the slightest irregular detection.

Increase in productivity:

Did you know that the arrival of collaborative robots has increased the productivity of industrial engineering processes by 85% (unlike the solitary work of a human or a robot)?

Mobility and multitasking:

They are designed to be easily movable, perform multiple tasks and work in varied and restricted environments.

Freedom of production:

Let’s not forget that they are robots, which means that they can perform tasks that are sometimes too repetitive for humans (welding, assembly).

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